Well Green Inc. announces his retrofit kit


Retrofit kit approved for T8 and T12 lighting fixtures
Change for LED, easily and at low price!

Dear customers,
Since some of you are skeptical, we would like to officially inform you that we have a retrofit kit for LED approved for existing T8 and T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures. Our retrofit kit will not affect the existing lighting fixtures certifications; the CSA and UL standards will remain in effect.

Generalize your lighting installations with LED; it is undeniably making a move towards green-energy, in addition to providing a modern and responsible image for your company!

Since our mission is to find ecological and economical solutions for your needs, here are the solutions we offer:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating ballasts;
  • Reduce energy consumption by replacing fluorescent tubes with LED, which consume much less energy;
  • Reduce the environmental footprint by using recyclable and harmless gases;
  • Reduce the risk of not finding a new identical fixture in case of component failure in 3 months, 1 year or 10 years, while keeping the current certifications;
  • Increase lighting performance with the main quality of LEDs, which is to be directional;
  • Increase versatility due to the wide variety of LED tubes (color, temperature, power, beam angle, IRC, clear or frosted lens);
  • Increase security; the LED tubes are unbreakable (plastic and aluminum) and made from non-hazardous materials according to RoHS standards;
  • Increase adaptability to new technologies since the LED tubes can be changed very easily, this allows it to gradually evolve with technology while ensuring consistency of your installations.

If you choose the Well Green LED tubes, your solution will be enhanced as our LED Tubes are:

  • Rotating!
  • Consisting of the latest LED technology with a higher diffusion!
  • Robust, can absorb shocks! We have certainly demonstrated it to you at the shows!
  • Offering more than 100 lm/w;
  • With a greater than 80 CRI;
  • DLC listed;
  • Guaranteed for 5 years.

The retrofit kit to install any equivalent certified LED tubes, sells for $ 25 per fixture. A discount of $ 5 per Well Green LED tube bought applies to the price of the retrofit kit. Limited quantity of discounts per client. Contact (514) 500-2121 for more details.

If you wish to change some of your lighting fixtures or start a new project, we will be pleased to provide you a solution of new lighting fixtures manufactured in Canada , with our LED tubes already integrated.

Available soon

Our LED tubes 347V will be approved by the agencies! We will keep you posted